CP+ 2018 @ Yokohama, Japan Photo Report of Kenko products display

          CP+2018 is the biggest photo and imaging show in Asia, a comprehensive exhibition that pursues to push for evolution in all aspects (technology, culture and industry) of camera and photo accessories.
Every year, it collaborates with the international City of Yokohama to give a mutual contribution to the development of photo imaging culture and society.
          This 2018 exhibition was held in Yokohama (Japan) at Pacifico Yokohama exhibition center on the 1st -4th of March and, as for the previous editions, we were glad to meet you all at Kenko Tokina booth.
We hope you will enjoy having a look again at the most popular products of our brand, and for those who couldn’t make it, we hope you will enjoy discovering the news displayed at the booth with this report.

Kenko Tokina booth – Overview

Filters corner

Speaking of news, the left side on the frontal part hosted three brand new filter products.


          From left to right, the new Kenko ADVANCED DRONE FILTERS IRND KIT, a set of four filters compatible with drone models like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro/Advanced, that will perform smooth motion and optimal exposure, thus bringing drone footage to the next level.

NEW ADVANCED DRONE FILTERS IRND KIT  – Estimated release on April, 2018

         Following on, ZX CP-L filters for Kenko ZX series, a new series of filters with “floating frame technology”, that secures the filter glass to remain flat, not distorted or twisted inside the frame, thus providing sensational results in resolution performances.
Incorporating a completely new high-transmittance polarizing film, this new ZX C-PL filter has no slightly visible yellowish tint that usually other C-PL filters have, thus providing excellent color balance.


          Also, a new prototype of rectangular soft effect filter, the Half PRO SOFTON A, particularly suitable for starry-sky photography, as it will soften the light from the stars while keeping sharp the landscape below.

EW Half PRO SOFTON A – Estimated release on May, 2018

Filters corner also displayed numerous Kenko filters series.

         Amazing news was also showcased at the binoculars corner, with the new Kenko VcSmart binoculars with Vibration Control technology. As you can see from the picture below, we attached a vibration simulation device to VcSmart binoculars and asked visitors to experience the effectiveness of VcSmart Vibration Control technology. All feedbacks were extremely positive!

The corner was completed on its backside with the best sellers among Kenko binoculars.

MIYABI flat binoculars series


Kenko Stabilizer monocular


Avantar series


UltraVIEW M series


Kenko series


Artos series


        The center part of the booth was dedicated to Kenko best sold gears: tele converters, extension tubes and mount adapters.

Kenko Teleplus tele converters

          Among Kenko Teleplus tele converter line up we can see the new HD PRO 1.4x and HD PRO 2x models, both for Canon and Nikon mounts.


Extension tubes

Wide range of mount adapters

          Deserved their own spot also the new Kenko Mirror Lens 400mm F8 MF N II, along with Kenko Mirror Lens 500mm F8 N II and Kenko Mirror Lens 800mm F8 N II prototypes.

Kenko Mirror Lens 400mm F8 MF N II

Kenko Mirror Lens 500mm F8 N II and Kenko Mirror Lens 800 mm F8 N II and Kenko Light and Color Meters.

Astrophotography and astro-observation corner

          With two total lunar eclipses and with Mars’ approach to Earth, this year is a lucky one for astrophotography lovers and astro- observers. Keeping this in mind, a whole corner was dedicated to astrophotography and time-lapse shooting with Kenko SKYMEMO S portable tracking platform and the newest Kenko SKYMEMO T portable tracking platform with free app for easy operations directly from your smartphone.


SKYMEMO S Portable Tracking Platform (black color)

SKYMEMO S Portable Tracking Platform + SKYMEMO S equatorial wedge


SKYMEMO T portable tracking platform

SKYMEMO T portable tracking platform (black color)

A corner was also dedicated to astro observers with Kenko telescopes.

Mobile accessories corner

          A corner located on the inner part of the booth hosted the well-known Kenko REAL PRO Clip Lens, an irreplaceable smartphone accessory for Instragrammers.

Mobile accessories corner

          The corner showcased the new coming soon 4K HD 0.6x wide angle lens and 4K HD 2x tele lens, that promise to be a must have for any smartphone photo and cinematographers…

along with the complete line up of Kenko REAL PRO Clip Lenses.

Kenko REAL PRO Clip Lens line up

Photo accessories corner

Speaking of accessories, you could spot

KARITES Premium Camera Monitor Glass Protector

GEKIOCHI camera lens cleaner


Magnifying Tools corner

An evergreen in Kenko Tokina booth is the corner dedicated to magnifying glasses and loupes.

Kenko Magnifying Glasses


          Kenko Tokina booth also aimed to directly support customers and photographers with seminars focused on providing information, explanations, tips etc. on products and shooting techniques.


Kenko Tokina seminar corner

International Filter Photo Contest

          Last, but not at least, the winner works of the International Filter Photo Contest (IFPC) 2017-2018 were exhibited in a dedicated corner.


Thanks for reading, and we hope to meet you next year, too!



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