Artisan&Artist Silk Cord Strap with Ring attachment (Standard) [ACAM-301A]

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รหัสสินค้า: A&A ACAM-301A หมวดหมู่: ป้ายกำกับ: , Brand: Artisan & Artist

Product Highlights

The silk camera strap is the brand’s iconic flagship product, developed from the silk obijime, a popular high-quality decoration for Japanese clothing.

The strap stands out for its delicate beauty unique to silk. It is carefully assembled by skilled craftsmen in Kyoto, to create a durable and gentle on-the-skin product.
The strap is made with the Kumi-himo technique, which involves a special double structure woven on the outer layer of an eight-fold cord, providing just the right amount of elasticity, sturdiness, and comfort against the skin. The flexibility of the supple silk cord allows for various shooting styles, such as wrapping it around your hand or adjusting the length by tying knots.The white hand-stitched reinforcement in the center of the leather attachment area is an iconic design feature of our brand.

In this renewed model, the material of the ring for the attachment to the camera was changed from brass to stainless steel.This improves maneuverability and reduces strain on your fingertips when attaching or detaching the strap from the camera.
In addition, the foil-stamped logo print is more refined through a new printing technology.
Finally, the leather of the attachment is smoother, and the camera protection flap is redesigned. The strap is available in two lengths; this is the shorter option suitable for wearing around the neck or shoulder.
*Please note that this is a ring-type strap for cameras with eyelets. It is not compatible with tape-type camera eyelets.



Body Size
  • (L x ø) 980(±5) x 8mm
  • Silk, Leather (Italian)
Country of Origin
  • Made in Japan



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